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Integrated Thinking

Embed Integrated Thinking, Management and Decision-Making – Enhancing Your Journey Towards Integrated Reporting



A shared understanding of strategy and how value is created throughout the business
Fewer silos
More cohesive management information
Informed decision-making
Enhanced accountability and performance

Measurement Tools – Three of The Six Capitals


  • Net Promoter System
  • Share of wallet
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer loyalty index
  • Customer Satisfaction and delight
  • Average customer tenure
  • Net promoter
  • Relationship quality
  • Win back ratio
  • Customer satisfaction
  • ServQual

Brand Equity

  • Corporate Reputation Index
  • Corporate Reputation Quotient
  • Brand Equity (Aaker)
  • Brand Equity (Keller)
  • Employer Brand Attraction
  • Employer Brand Equity
  • Employer brand retention
  • Brand penetration
  • Customer Value Perception

Strategic Alliance Partners

  • Alliance / stroke performance
  • Partner satisfaction and loyalty
  • Branch channel cost
  • Channel Customer Response
  • Channel financial performance
  • Channel Partner Loyalty
  • Distribution penetration
  • Mystery shopper experience
  • Call center customer response
  • Call center performance
  • Promotion Awareness and likability
  • Promo customer response
  • PR/Event intencity
  • PR/Event customer response
  • PR/Event customer feedback

Human Capital 

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Equity
  • Employee Net Promoter Score
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Attitude / Morale
  • Employee Climate Survey
  • Employee/Brand Value Alignment
  • Internal Servqual
  • Employee Marketing Culture
  • Staff Competency Index
  • Staff/Customer Orientation

Intellectual Capital

  • Effectiveness/ROI of Learning and Development/Training
  • Innovation/Product Development

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