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Drive employee excellence by measuring and optimizing every stage of the employee lifecycle.


Companies with high employee engagement levels outperform their peers in total shareholder returns and net income.

In a recent survey the top 25% had twice the annual net income seven times greater than the lowest quartile and returned seven times more to shareholders over a five year period than the lowest quartile.

Even in turbulent economic times engagement works. Research from organisations representing more than five million employees worldwide showed that organisations with engagement levels of 65% or greater outperformed the total stock market index and posted total shareholder returns that were 22% higher than average; companies with engagement levels of 45% or less had a total shareholder return that was 28% lower than the average return.

Companies with high and sustainable engagement levels had an average one year operating margin that was close to three times higher than those with lower engagement.

Measurement Tools: How WithNova Leads To High Levels Of Employee Engagement

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